Sound Active Iron Man T-shirt

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Sound Active Iron Man T-shirt
Sound Active Iron Man T-shirt
Sound Active Iron Man T-shirt

Main Features:

  • T-shirt can lights up and reacts to sound.
  • Can control the sound sensitivity
  • Can be hand wash, and easy to unplug the battery box
  • Made 100 per cent of cotton
  • Good for Marvel and Iron man fans, react like you are an Ironman

For washing

  • Dry wash and hand wash only.
  • Remove EL panel,  battery pack and the whole battery cord carefully.
  • Do not submerge any part of the flash panel.

For using

  • Turn off the voice-activated button. (Switch it to OFF)
  • Confirmed turned off, unplug the connection line from the voice- activated drive.
  • Unplug the connection line from the EL wire.
  • Remove the EL wire off clothing.
  • Remove the battery if you do not want to use the music system.
  • Prevent it from water and do not place it in wet place.
  • Not to blend the battery, EL panel or T-shirt.



Shoulder Bust Height Weight
S 42 46 155-160 42-50kg
M 42 48 160-165 50-55kg
L 44 50 165-170 55-60kg
XL 46 52 170-175


XXL 48 54 175-180 65-75kg
XXXL 48  56 180-185 75-85kg


Package Include:

T-shirt +  battery pack + EL wire

You need to buy the 2 Triple A battery



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